The 6 Things That Happened Today That Will Make You Feel Terrible

The 6 Things That Happened Today That Will Make You Feel Terrible

The 6 Things That Happened Today That Will Make You Feel Terrible

There are a lot of things that happened today that will make you feel terrible. Here are six of them:
1) A truck driver crashed into a school bus, killing at least seven children and injuring many others. This is horrific and feels terrible to experience.
2) A gunman killed 12 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. This is another devastating tragedy and it feels terrible to be faced with this news.
3) A severe storm hit parts of the Midwest, causing widespread damage and leaving thousands of people without power. This is definitely bad news and it feels terrible when something like this happens.
4) A shooting at a high school in Florida left 17 people dead. This is absolutely horrifying and it feels terrible to be living in a world where this kind of thing can happen.
5) Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, causing massive destruction across the island. This is absolutely terrifying and it feels terrible when such a powerful hurricane hits an area like this.
6) There was an incident involving two journalists who were arrested while covering the protests in Hong Kong. This is concerning and it’s awful that these reporters were targeted like this. All of these events feel terrible, but especially number 6 which really hits close to home for many people around the world.

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Alternative news channels on YouTube are a great way to stay up to date on the latest news without having to watch mainstream sources. However, there are a few channels that should be avoided if you want to maintain a healthy skepticism. Here are six alternative news channels you should avoid:

1. InfoWars: This channel is owned by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and is known for spreading misinformation and fake news.

2. The Daily Stormer: This neo-Nazi channel is known for promoting hate speech and white nationalism.

3. RT America: This Russian propaganda outlet is known for spreading fake news and disinformation.

4. The Rebel Media: This right-wing media outlet is known for promoting conspiracy theories and anti-feminism.

5. Infowars Nightly News: This spinoff of InfoWars is an infomercial-style news show that promotes conspiracy theories and bogus science.

6. PragerU: This conservative channel has been accused of using deceptive marketing strategies to influence students into thinking they are learning valuable information.

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Today was a pretty bad day. Here are six things that happened that will make you feel terrible.

1. A tornado touched down in Missouri, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more.

2. A plane crashed into a house in Southern California, killing all five people on board.

3. A school shooting took place in Florida, leaving 17 dead and many more injured.

4. A gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia, wounding four people before he was shot and killed by law enforcement officers.

5. Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in China, killing at least 10 people and causing massive damage to infrastructure and homes.

6. Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, causing catastrophic damage to towns and neighborhoods as it moves inland